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About us

Ilkeston Community Theatre and Festival Group

In 1895 Ilkeston had a theatre with 2000 seats and numerous halls with stages. The town hall was just that, a hall which people could use. Even in the 50's the New Theatre could still beome a theatre for pantomimes with The Co-op, churches, schools and the college having usable stages.


Today there are none easily available.

This group was set up in early 2022 and our aim is to provide a community theatre for Ilkeston, where local and visiting companies, groups and individuals can put on events and/or shows and people can unite together in a local community hub.

The aim is to work with the community for the community and contribute to the regeneration of the town. We also organise this week  long Ilkeston Festival to give expression to this and provide events and entertainment for all.

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